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Canceled Cap 1

May 9th, 2010 at 09:32 am

First let me say;

"HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" to my mom and all mothers out there.

I canceled my cap 1 card today. No I'm not going without credit cards totally, just the annual fee finally got to me.

I called them up bright and early wanting to see if there was a way to convert my fee card to a no-fee card and it just wasn't possible. Or as they put it "there is an annual fee associated with this card, if you want to, you may apply for a different card".

7 years I have had this card, never late with a payment, never over my limit (never even close to the limit) and this is how they repay loyalty. May apply for a different card, Hurmph.

So now I am looking into other cards and would like some leads on websites that rate them. I googled it and really am not sure i trust the sites all that much. Oh and I have been reading the site that SA lists as well "the credit finder".

No annual fee is a must, rewards are secondary and balance transfers are almost a non-factor. As for Interest rate, I pay in full every month so I'm not real concerned with the rate.