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Part Time?

May 17th, 2009 at 01:15 pm

Recently the fine state of Nebr has informed my wife that she no longer quailifies for unemployment insurance since she has become a full time student. She would "qualify" if she was going to school for something like "nurse, cpa, teacher" or any other occupation they deem fit to pay for, but cosomologist isn't on their list. I can't seem to get a reason or a list of criteria what does qualify.

I have been cruching numbers trying to figure out if we can meet all of our obligations on just my salary, and we can, but without a whole lot of wiggle room and some serious cutbacks in our grocery shopping tactics.

I have already slashed our budget to within an inch of it's life in all areas I can, but food is the one area we try to keep some varity in. I refuse to eat ramen noodles and mac-n-cheese for the next 9 months while she finishes her degree.

So I have been out submitting applications all over the place for the past 2 weeks. I have put in an average of 4 apps a day except Sundays. So far I have only had one call back for an interview. Now please understand I am not out there applying for office mgr, part time doctor or anything like that just a simple min wage part time evening job.

Frumpy *ie:wife* already has a partime job in the evening 3 days a week, and i will not ask her to do more then that so she can focus on her schooling and try to graduate early.

I am wondering if because i already have a job, if the resturants are figuring I wouldn't be reliable or something. Oh well, I will keep plugging along and see what comes up.

Stamp Out Hunger May 9th

May 8th, 2009 at 03:35 pm

Just a reminder (or a request) to everyone that Sat May 9th is "Stamp Out Hunger" day.

The Postal Service should have sent out cards (I know I delivered them on my route) to ask everyone to help stock local food banks by setting bags of non-perishable food items next to their mail boxes. Your carrier will pick them up and send them to your local food bank to help those who are in need in your area.

Please Contact your local post office to verify its participation in the food drive. (Search the USPS website for the contact information for your local post office.)

I know in my area last year we collected over a million pounds of food. Hopefully everyone can pitch in just a little and help a very worthy cause.

Thank You in advance