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Siding and the Joys of Spring

May 17th, 2008 at 04:01 pm

Hello again everyone,
As I mentioned in my first bog I don't post a lot, but I do read this forum every morning before work. Anyway, this one will be a bit on the sarcastic side.
Thirteen years or so ago I bought my current residence, being somewhat of a procrastinator I neglected to paint it with any type of consistency. Now I have major problems with the cheap siding they used during construction (it was a new house when I got it).
As anyone who has Georgia Pacific's press-board siding can probably tell you, if not cared for it will fall right off the house. I know mine is/has.
Well with the weather turning "nicer" I have decided it is time to fix the problems and paint it all at once. Alas. the siding for the most part is toast and has to be replaced. So being the "good home owner" that I am, I had several vinyl siding companies bid the replacement (plus I wouldn't have to paint anymore).
Now bear in mind I was prepared to pay to have this done figuring it would be in the range of $10,000 or so. Shows how wrong I can be. The lowest estimate was well over $14,500 the highest was $23,950.
After I got off the floor I decided that it didn't look that hard to do. And really it isn't that hard to do, if it's not raining (a joy of spring) the winds are not 30+ mph (another joy of spring) and my significant other didn't already have plans for every free weekend for the rest of my life (the last joy of spring).
I have so far spent just over $2000 on cement fiber board siding (yes I will still have to paint, but it will never rot) and the various things needed to install said siding. The stuff all arrived the Friday before last and I moved it all into my garage that day. Did I mention that cement fiberboard is very heavy? About 70lbs a piece and I ordered 240 of them, needless to say I was happy it was raining the next day. Also thank goodness for aspirin.
So far it has been nice enough only two days this week to do anything with it and I am doing the install after already working the day. The way I figure it, the entire house should be resided by late June….2010
Wish me luck and that I don’t fall off the ladders.