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Extreme Couponing or OCD?

April 6th, 2011 at 06:21 pm

I was/am watching the new TLC series "Extreme Couponing" and thinking to myself: "self, what in the world would you do with 300 toothbrushes?"

While I have been trying to use more coupons in my weekly shopping trips, I don't think I can use 400 deoderants in my lifetime.

Where does one draw the line between good smart shopping and becoming obssessed with the game to the tune of 500 rolls of toilet paper?

I do understand that food banks, pantries, churches and other various chairities should be the primary beneficianaries (sp?) of these "hunts", but wouldn't most phycologist' call this obsessive complusive disorder?

The next step for some of these "Extreme Couponers" is the show "Buried Alive".