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W-2 's and miscalculations

June 11th, 2008 at 05:35 pm

Ever since my daughter (Boo) started working I have done her taxes. I also do my own, my brothers, my mom and dads, and this year, my in-laws.
Boo got a notice from the IRS a few weeks ago saying there had been a mistake in her 2006 tax return. The notice also stated that she owed 404.00$ in back taxes and fees.


I redid the taxes 2 more times before i caught the mistake, which brings me to my small gripe. Why is there no standardization of W-2's?

For 2006 Boo had 4 different W-2's none of which were the same. At job "b" she had made just over 3246.00$ and her federal tax withheld was 346.00$. Guess which number i missed.

I told her i would pay the fine (i figured i made the mistake) but she had to pay the tax portion. She had spent the money so she should pay it back.
She agreed but didn't have the money at the moment. The IRS being ever vigilant had given her 2 weeks to either pay up or pay additional fines/fees.

Guess who had to buy the money order to pay the bill in full. Boo has always been financially responsable so I'm not worried about getting the money back (eventually). But I really do wish that the IRS would require ALL businesses to use a standard W-2 form