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Side Effects

January 9th, 2009 at 07:45 am

Ok so I have to buy a chair, Snoopy Dance killed it. This is one side effect of paying off my car I'm more then happy to have. I never really did like the chair anyway.

A un-thought-of side effect of paying off my car came to me this morning. I can reduce my auto insurance to liability only, saving me about 20$ a month (my estiment *is that spelled right?*). I'm waiting for my agent to call me back and give me the accual numbers.

On another front, I got my blood work back from the doc. My knee turned out not to be gout, somehow i got a viral infection in the joint (what has my knee been doing while i'm asleep?). Steroids, antibiotics and rest are about all that can be done.

All I know for sure is i NEED to get back to work. I have never been one for "bed rest" nor have i ever been very good at amusing myself without direction or a plan. I have read everything i have in the house, including the furnace manual. I have accually begun to count how many times i see that fool who does the 'sham-wow' commercials a day. *sigh*

Sorry for the short rant, but it has pointed out a side effect to me i hadn't thought of before. What happens when i retire?

Snoopy Dance!!!

January 7th, 2009 at 06:24 pm

dadada daaa da dadada daaa da
^^^peanuts music^^^

Ok so right at the moment i can't really dance (yet), but man is this chair getting a workout.


I made the last payment online this evening and to be honest, this car is the first car i have ever financed and accually paid off.

I have "owned" way to many cars in my life (i lost count at 24) but this is the first one i have made all the payments on and the bank accually has to send me the title to.

By the way, of those 24+ cars I only financed 5. The rest were beaters, cheapies, fixer-uppers and my personel favorite Postal Jeeps (7 of those).

Anyway, judging my the sound of the chair, I had better quit chair dancing or I'll be buying a new one.

A very special Thank You to all the posters on this and other sites who led by example, told their stories, and gave their advice so freely. "Snowball Flakes" (hybred system i use) was based on much of what i read here.

*turns the crosshairs at Capitol 1*

Your next.


January 6th, 2009 at 02:48 pm

So I went to the orthopedic surgeon today. Why do I pay 20$ for my copay at the regular doc's, and 30$ at a specialist?

A short background, 10 or 11 days ago I woke up with my left knee totally locked up, went to my regular doc last Tuesday, he sent me to the ortho doc "just to be sure".

Ortho took x-rays and seen me for all of 5 minuets, announced my knee was healthy from his side of it, and sent me back to my regular doc.

Next Tuesday is the soonest I can see him (and it will cost me another 20$ to boot). So here I sit, going stir-crazy reading about alternative heating, and waiting for Tuesday so I can go back to work.

One nice thing about all this is, I am getting alot of reading done. I have read 3 debt books, 3 investing books, 3 books about being green and one fiction that I couldn't finish.

The debt books were:
"Pay it down" by Jean Chatzky (decent book)
"How to get out of debt" by Harrine Freeman (ok but if your looking for almost any State Federal Local contact information this is your book)
"Debt Zero" by Lynnette Khalfani (so far the best one I have read this week informative and direct)

I have already returned the others so can't list them, sorry.

Anyone have any suggestions for good financial or "green living" books?