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Tortoise and Hare (not financial)

August 19th, 2009 at 12:40 pm

When Boo was about to begin 7th grade, she asked for a pet. Knowing full well who would end up taking care of said pet, I agreed, thinking she was old enough to handle the responsibility.

We all know whom ended up taking care of it, but that is another story. Not to be out done, Bubba decided he should have a pet as well. Hmmm maybe I should have thought about that one more, but i agreed with him as well.

So we all pile into the old car and head off to a pet store. I had in my rather limited mind Bubba would get a fish of some sort and Boo would get a gerbil or some such rodent. As usual I was wrong, Bubba decided on a Russian Blue Tortiose and Boo felt she needed a rabbit (it was so soft).

I really should have thought that all out more. With the rabbit i figured we had a maybe 3-3.5 year commitment. The Tortiose was the one i was worried about. I have heard tales of them living to the ripe-old age of 80+ years. Not really wanting to be committed to a life-long pet, I hemmed and hawed alot but as was normal, we ended up with both.

Neither animal was that exspensive but lordy the periferials they needed cost me a small fortune. Anyway, flash forward 4 years and I have been taking care of both for a more then a few of them. Flash was looking good and Dolly was just there, not real mobile or playful or anything, just there.

It was my morning ritual to get up, caffinate myself, feed the dogs, feed Flash, then feed Dolly (by the way Dolly is the rabbit lol). Did you know Russian Blue Tortios' hybernate? I found this out after Flashes first year. Did you know that they are also suppossed to be refrigerated when they hybernate? This I didn't know. When I fed Flash one morning I noticed he hadn't touched his food from the day before, well it was fall and I figured he was heading off to lala land. Boy was I wrong...Flash made his way to the Sun filled desert that fall, he was 4 years old.

Flash forward 6 more years. There sits Dolly, not real mobile or playful or anything, but still there. Dolly left us last Saturday, she was 10 years and 2 weeks old to the day.

Her life has made me think alot about things. And not only about the silly tale about slow and steady. More about how no matter what one's preconceptions might be, never take anything for granted be it people, places, relationships, finances, machines, anything.

I truely hope Dolly has found her place in the sun, she deserves it.

1 Responses to “Tortoise and Hare (not financial)”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Pets really do add to our lives! ((Hugs)) as you grieve and find the happy memories to sustain you.

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