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Why is it?

December 30th, 2008 at 06:21 pm

Why is it every time things start to go well, Murphy raises his somewhat beastly head?

I woke up yesterday morning, good news there, rolled over to get out of bed, and scared the snot out of the wife and dog with a scream to wake the dead, bad news there.

My knee has locked-up. I have no idea what I did. Being a net-nut, I looked it up. I have one of three things as near as I can figure out. Gout (rich mans arthritis yea right), an infected sac or cartilage, or a torn ligament.

I went to the doctor today and he said the same things were the possibilities. (I didnt mention I had looked them up, because I am pretty sure doctors have got to get tired of net-know-it-alls). Anyway, I have another appointment on Jan 6th with a specialist and will be off work until then and probably later. The appointment couldnt be made any sooner because the swelling had to be reduced and the surgeon wasnt available until then to look at me. (You have got to love HMOs).

One thing I do have working in my favor is I hardly ever use any sick leave and have 50 or so days I can be off with pay. I am hoping I will not have to use more then the 8 I am already going to be off.

On a better note, I have been using a modified form of Debt Snow flaking and am only 250$ away from having my car paid off. Look out Capitol 1 you are in my sights.

1 Responses to “Why is it?”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Your knee is still locked up? So, sorry to hear about that. Great news on your snowflaking!! That car will drive mighty fine after the title is in hand, too.

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