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Maintaining An Even Keel

February 24th, 2008 at 01:48 pm

Hello everyone,

a bit about me. i am a rural mail carrier, married with 3 kids (two from a previous marriage and one is hers from her previous). All 3 kids are out out and out...but you wouldn't know it from the "visits" and phone calls asking advice. anyway...

as i said i work for the USPS (no postal jokes please) and yesterday (feb 23rd) we started our National Mail Count.

NMC is how the rural mail carriers salaries are determined.

a quick explination of NMC: Mgmt litterally counts every piece of mail we handle every day for two weeks. they also count our parcels and our "accountables" (certifieds registered ect) and several other things we do in our daily routine. i won't get into most of it because i barely understand alot of it myself (i know this sounds bad since it has a direct effect on my pay, but i never went to law school nor am i the brightest cookie in the jar).

the "standards" have been agreed upon by our union reps and mgmt but they leave alot of gray around the definitions.

this is where the "even keel" comes in. the 'counters' have their instructions, and the membership has ours. we have been told to question anything we have 'doubts' about as to their category ie: letter, flat, parcel.

i understand mgmt's stand as to trying to save money, but since i am on the other side of the fence, i am more apt to agree with the membership. there is a fine line between making 40000$ a year and making 41500$.

the real problem is we have to work together the other 50 weeks of the year. tempers and patience are already in short supply. so how does one know when your pushing to far and should back off? or should you trudge on and hope it works out for the best?

p.s. for the next couple of weeks please be nice to your carrier (wouldn't hurt the rest of the year as well) we are human just like everyone else.

A Dream Warrior

2 Responses to “Maintaining An Even Keel”

  1. JanH Says:

    I so appreciate my regular mail guy. He slogs about here in the nastiest monsoons, incredible windy days, and extreme heat. The temps are pretty cool, too, but the regular guy has them beat. I just mailed my DD's license tags and registration off to her at college. It cost me much less in money and time than if I had to drive it all the way to her!

  2. helpmefriend Says:

    I feel for you. I know that sometimes I wish that my company would base our pay on our performance too. Let the people that just stand there and watch earn their money.
    As for the be nice to your mail carrier comment, I just want to ask that I get a regular mail person, and that they quit messing up our mail. With eight houses and six doubles, the addresses can't be all that hard. Once, the carrier had my neighbors mail stopped. Without any authorization!!! HOW can he DO that?????
    Oh well, if we were to have everything perfect in life, it would be boring.
    You don't have to be the brightest cookie in the jar, just the most fun loving, tastest one.

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